Thursday, October 13, 2005

How to Convert Your Divx Torrent Files to Ipod Video

Now that Apple has released the iPod Video we all need to know how to get all of our Torrent Videos onto the new Ipod.

Well here is an easy step by step way to convert you download Torrent Divx files to MP4. You can actually use a PSP Converter to bring your files onto the new Ipod since they both play MP4 files.

Download 3GP Converter from Here

Unzip the 3GPC .ZIP file into a directory of your choice, and run setup.exe. You may see a bunch of weird characters, but don’t worry, it’s set to Japanese by default. Scroll down to the bottom of the 3GP Converter Setup window and select the English in the pull down menu, select Model: MP4, for PSP the then press Apply.

This is the setting for conversion of video files to MPEG-4 format that can be played by the Play Station Portable but also can be used for playing the IPOD Video.

Now, double click on the3GP_Converter.exe program to run it. Click the Select button to choose where you want your converted PSP MP4 video files to reside. I just chose C:\downloads.

Now you have the freedom to choose a Variety of Bit Rates and fps. I recommend for best quality the QVGA/29.97fps/1500kbps Stereo/128. But you are welcome to choose others.

Now the only thing you need is to get your Apple iPod delivered. I am hoping to recieve mine early next week. Then I can give some reports.

Coming soon I will have a tutorial on how to Convert TivoToGo files to your Apple iPod.


Diggawatt said...

Hey! Great little program...thanks! But I am having some problems. I've taken some clips from two movies (GlenGarry Glen Ross & Sin City) and when I convert them, the aspect ratio is not maintained and the image is squashed. Its not a problem with TV shows that have a 4:3 ratio though. The other small complaint is that the file size is INCREASED quite a bit, while the quality of the video is degraded. I know I'm nit-picking, and this is a quick and easy solution. But does anybody know how to maintain the aspect ratio???

djc998 said...

Very simple. If you have a widescreen format select the 368x208 resolution in the combo box for resolution instead of the QVGA. It comes out real nice on the new iPod. This program makes it very simple and fast to convert. Takes about 12mins for a 30 minute episode.

Brad said...

Ok so I got my 60gb in black yesterday. I have tried 6 different programs and none of them make sense. What format do I have to put the DVD into before i can use the 3GP converter? If i have a dvd and want to put it on the iPod, what program can you recommend for making it an avi? Thanks

freenanoipod said...
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Stephen said...
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Rob said...
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freenanoipod said...
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djc998 said...


3GP should be able to convert whatever codecs you have installed on your PC. So, if your file is in MPG or AVI you should have no problem using 3GP to convert.

Your question for DVD2avi read more at or

Anonymous said...

if u want an ipod, you can go to and do an offer. follow the instructions and they'll actually send you a freeipod, no joke, there's reviews all over the internet

Dan said...

i used your program for a couple of days and it worked great! but now, whenever i try to run it, an error message comes up that says "Language file directory (languages) not found"

What do I do?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

i am getting very frusterated because u know where u said u just chose c/downloads 1st of all i cant find downloads and 2nd of all anything else i pick it just sais prossessing for hours please help me iv been on since 6 in the morning and it is currently four thirty at night please answer fast im begging you

Anonymous said...

hey me again the frusterated guy it also sais to anything i click cannot write to root why is this directory please answer me fast thanks

video iPod said...

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MC 2K6 said...

crap ddnt even wrk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hey this is an awesome program, thanks for postin this on the internet! made my day.


Anonymous said...

wow this actually worked! just follow the instructions, and you have an mp4! I loaded onto my ipod, and the video and audio was great, thanks

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