Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Sharp 3D Laptop

I have been one of the lucky ones out there that has been able to see the new Sharp 3D Laptop in action. Let me just tell you it is one of the most impressive laptops out there. My company currently develops some 3D software for the Laptop so I have been able to see the first version of the laptop that was released a year ago and I was not very impressed with the Power of the laptop. It was to buly and had a measly 64mb Graphics card. When your running 3D intensive Graphics the more power the better. Gamespot has a nice review on the laptop.

Well, someone must be listening because the new version of the laptop smokes. I mean they have a 256mb Graphics card and 1 GB of Ram. Its alot thinner and a nice Mac white. This thing looks slick. On top of it all they are shippign with it an application that takes standard DVD's and in rela-time converts them to 3D. I was blown away with how well it worked to create such depth in a standard 2D movie. My company has been able to implement support ofr our 3D software for the laptop. You can take a look at some samples of the 3D content that can be displayed from our viewing software.

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